Rainbow Six Extraction: Ubisoft Unveils The Release Date With Buddy Pass And ‘Budget Price’

To confirm the latest lead on the release date Rainbow Six Extraction, Ubisoft packs a video to fix the launch day of the cooperative shooter and outline its plans between Buddy Pass and “budget price.”

The new spin-off chapter of Rainbow Six’s shooter experience will be officially available from 20 January 2022 with Buddy Pass, a cross-play system that will allow your friends to play for free for a limited period of time and save your money. Those who buy the title, then, can take advantage of the Buddy Pass to invite two friends to try all the ways and contents of Extraction for a maximum of 14 days.

The Buddy Pass will be available from the Rainbow Six Extraction Standard Edition, proposed at the “budget price” of 39,99 euros. Starting from the launch, the new Ubisoft Montreal shooter will give access to a deep system of progression of Operators, to four different levels of difficulty and to 12 maps (about three times larger than the Rainbow Six Siege scenarios).

There will also be four dynamic areas, sixty weapons, numerous skills from R6S and fifteen REACT technologies, with the promise of the arrival of additional content with free post-launch support. All fans who book the game will receive the Cosmetic Decay Orbital Package. Those who already own Rainbow Six Siege will receive the United Front package with four exclusive gearsets divided into the two games and, in Siege, the entire list of 18 Extraction Operators.

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