Rainbow Six Extraction To The Test: The Coop Shooter Is Difficult And Promising!

A few days after the launch (with day one landing on Xbox Game Pass), we tried an Endgame mode of Rainbow Six Extraction, the new work of Ubisoft born from a rib of R6 Siege. We have been faced with a tactical and cooperative shooter as demanding as promising.

Ubisoft Montreal’s latest effort will be characterized by a particularly rich and stratified endgame experience, as evidenced by the many challenges offered by the latest test and by the promise of post-launch support similar to that of R6S.

Once we put on the shoes of Extraction Operators we have in fact tried the high level activities of the Maelstrom Protocol, a mode that runs parallel to the crisis events and the principal experience charges to give us a way to face the “evolutions of the

Each of the nine macro-areas of which Maelstrom is composed presents specific challenges and, with them, objectives to be completed together with real PvE battles for the survival of their team. The premises for a thick tactical shooter, therefore, are all there, but only with time will we understand if the ambitions nourished by Canadian authors will be supported by a balanced and original play offer both in the initial stages and in the most advanced fringes

To learn more about this intriguing spin-off of Siege, we refer you to our special on the endpoint of Rainbos Six Extraction by Alessandro Bruni, but not before reminding you that the

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