Rainbow Six Extraction: A Rich Video Gameplay Unveils The Secrets Of The Maelstrom Protocol

After announcing the arrival of Rainbow Six Extraction on Xbox Game Pass, Ubisoft publishes a new video gameplay entirely dedicated to the Maelstrom Protocol, the endgame activity that will be available since the launch of the gun

The latest video from Ubisoft Montreal dugs us into the atmosphere of the title to show us the dangerous missions that will characterize the endgame experience of the Maelstrom Protocol. Once you enter the game, the most advanced level operators will be able to take advantage of the experience gained in the remaining cooperative and competitive modes.

The challenges offered by the Maelstrom Protocol will be linked to a classified system that will take care to track the progress made by users, presenting goals to be completed, survival challenges and additional missions to be carried out within nine macro-areas full of “peace creatures The victories achieved in the endgame arenas of this mode will contribute to the acquisition of the experience points of seasonal progression and, with it, to the unlocking of cosmetic objects for own avatar and aesthetic customizations for the

Rainbow Six Siege’s post-pandemic spin-off is scheduled to be launched on January 20th on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, If you missed it, here is our Rainbow Six Extraction preview.

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