Quartz Doesn’t Like Ubisoft Employees: Doubts And Concerns About The Nft Program

The announcement by Ubisoft Quartz, the French company’s NFT-focused program, did not go the best way. After 95% dislike on Youtube for the video of Ubisoft Quartz, it seems that even several employees of the company are not very convinced of the new path undertaken, at the moment, with the Ghost Recon Breakpoint alone.

The Kotaku portal has had the opportunity to collect some testimonies that workers exchanged on MANA, Ubisoft’s internal social media hub, about Quartz and the generally negative reaction obtained so far. Among those who fear having to put them in each game soon, and those who do not understand what types of problems should solve, the doubts about the implementation of this system are not few.

“I still do not understand what problem is being solved,” says a worker, with a colleague who asks if “with the extremely negative advertising that will cause, is it worth it?” And again, “How can you look at private property, speculation, artificial scarcity and selfishness and then say ‘yes okay, let’s put it in our art’?” says another employee. And finally, “normally I’m positive about our ads, but that makes you angry,” is another Ubisoft member’s comment.

Doubts and perplexities that therefore involve not only players, but also those involved in the work. And although the service is just in the early days, the controversy has already started for a free NFT of Ubisoft Quartz, which to be achieved requires to play as many as 600 hours at Ghost Recon Breakpoint. At this point, who knows how Ubisoft will decide to move for the future of Quartz, in light of the first reactions not really exciting.

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