Quantic Dream At Work On A Tech-Based Game Demo The Dark Sorcerer?

Remember the tech demo The Dark Sorcerer A Next Gen Comedy by Quantic Dream? Presented at E3 2013, this demo has never evolved into a complete game… at least until today, according to the words of the leader who revealed in advance the existence of Star Wars Eclipse.

According to the source, Quantic Dream would be working on a Medieval Fantasy game based on The Dark Sorcered, a title strongly based on humor developed by the team of the Paris based company. Currently the state of the works would be more advanced than that of Star Wars Eclipse, however the company would have difficulty to recruit new developers and therefore the works proceed slowly, problem that seems to afflict also the game of Star Wars.

The game is defined as “a game with an interactive narrative and a non-linear story written by David Cage and strongly based on gag and humor” and in 2013 the same Cage declared that The Dark Sorcerer A Nex

Ten years after the Parisian study, it seems to have seen potential in this concept, hence the decision to start from the old tech demo to create a new game AAA apparently Cross-Gen, although this aspect could change, emphasizes the source, and the publication

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