Quantic Dream At Work On A Cross-Gen Aaa Theme Game Medieval Fantasy?

AccountNGT is the Twitter profile of the leader who revealed in advance the existence of Star Wars Eclipse, the new game of Quantic Dream announced at The Game Awards 2021. But this may not be the next company game to be published…

According to the Parisian study of the company, it is not clear whether this is the Medieval Fantasy project, which is so noisy or if it is something completely different.

According to the leader, Quantic Dream has been working on a mobile game since at least 2019 and on an AAA game just after the launch of Detroit Become Human, but we don’t know whether the latter is Star Wars Eclipse or

The Tweet is making a lot of talk but it’s hard to get out of balance at this time, the only certainty is that Quantic Dream is developing Star Wars Eclipse, still without a launch window.

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