Q&A Pop On Everyeye: We Await Your Questions About Movies, Series And Comics Today At 3:00 Pm

This week again the appointment with our Q&A POP: leave your questions among the comments of this article and return at 3:00 for all the answers in the live conducted by Gabriele Laurino and Edoardo Ferrarese.

During the new session of questions and answers we will discuss together all the recent news from the entertainment world, ranging from movies to TV series, comics to videogames, and in general everything about geek culture: from the recent and sudden cancellation of Cow

What subject do you want to discuss more urgently? What are your most pressing questions? Leave them in the space dedicated to the comments you find as always at the bottom of this article, and remember: appointment set on our channels starting from 15:00 this afternoon.

Finally, we remind you that by simply activating the bell, you can receive our notifications a few minutes before the start of the live broadcast. If you wish, there is also the possibility to support us by subscribing to the Twitch channel of Everyeye.it: the subscription is completely free if you are registered to Amazon Prime service.

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