Q&A Pop Live Today At 3:00 Pm: Leave Your Questions About Cinema, Comics, Tv Series

Even this week, the Twitch Channel in Everyeye is ready to host a new event entirely dedicated to the world of cinema and TV series, as well as souls, manga and comics in general.

Today, Thursday, December 2nd, the Everyeye Editorial Board returns live with a rich session of Q&A POP, during which we will discuss in freedom all the news related to the colorful universe of pop culture. The appointment is set for 15:00 at the point. The direct will last about two hours, during which your questions will determine the agenda. So from now on, you can anticipate your questions, which will then be read live during the live: the commentary space at the bottom of this news is at your disposal!

The arguments of discussion will certainly not be lacking, between the extraordinary success of the animated series Arcane: League of Legends and the triumphal return to the scene of Zerocalcare. The appreciated Roman author is in fact the protagonist of a double debut, on Netflix, with the series Rip along the edges, and in comic book store with Nothing new on the front of Rebibbia. Interesting news, of course, also on the cinematic front, between the Marvel world and superheroistic and not.

We are waiting for you today at 3:00 pm on the shores of the Everyeye Twitch channel. Please note that to interact live with the Editorial Staff, simply sign up for the channel, clicking on the special heart-shaped purple icon. For those who want to actively support Everyeye’s schedule, we point out that you can subscribe to our free Twitch channel with Amazon Prime: this way you can have free access to all the replicas of the directs.

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