Pubg Mobile: Tencent Invests 100 Million For Next Star

Tencent invests 100 million Dollars in a new program for PUBG Mobile content creators (here our review of the pocket battle royale) of tomorrow.

The program, called Next Star, started with a long process of…recruiting. The initiative offers privileged access and rewards to creators and many other exclusive advantages.

The program is open to all content creators who can boast more than 50,000 followers on YouTube, TikTok, Twitch. In addition to this, the official website of the program states that creators should be “professional, passionate and committed.” For all those who meet these requirements, there is a Google Forms module to apply for the Next Star program.

Of course, those interested must provide details on their followers, their region and the languages they speak, as well as links to social media channels. The creators, according to the statement, will enjoy several advantages, as we said, in case of acceptance. This also includes a “training” path for developing content creation, exclusive packs and early access to new versions of the Battle Royale.

Tencent also promises to offer creators a high level of visibility through the official PUBG Mobile accounts and also provide access to global tournaments and offline events, when and if possible. Creators can also have the opportunity to participate in exclusive tournaments with professional players.

Tencent hasn’t revealed how the 100 million will be invested. The FAQ reports that content creators will receive all the details after being accepted into the program.

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