Pubg Mobile Sues Apple And Google: In The Viewfinder Garena And The Other Clones

A few hours after the arrival of the free to play version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which has triggered many controversy because of its limitations, the team that has dealt with the development of PUBG Mobile

Krafton, this is the name of the software house that gave life to the mobile version of the popular battle royale, has decided in fact to take legal measures against the two companies that have allowed clones like Garena Free Fire to spread among users The new design of Garena’s creators was released on 28 September 2021 and Krafton was the first to send out a lot of the latest MAX Free Fire. Among the reasons why Apple and Google are also involved in addition to the developers of Garena are also the profits, since the two ‘clones’ generated millions of revenue and, consequently, the two giants also received a slice of these

It would seem that one of Krafton’s biggest concerns is PUBG New State, a new mobile title whose collections could be cannibalized by the success of clones. At this point we just have to wait for the next evolutions of this legal diatribe to find out who will win it.

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