Pubg Battlegrounds Is Free-To-Play: Plus And Gold Are Not Needed, But The Ranked Pay

As well anticipated at the end of last year, today 12 January 2022 PUBG Battlegrounds has become free-to-play: this means that from today the founder of modern battle royale can be played for free on PlayStation 4, PS5,

PUBG Battlegrounds Free-to-play

As a free-to-play, PUBG Battlegrounds can be played on consoles without a PlayStation Plus subscription or Xbox Live Gold. It is good to point out, however, that the free-to-play version does not offer all the features of the now old premium version. To access some modes, including the Classified and Customized Game, you must purchase the DLC Battlegrounds Plus at 12.99 euros. This downloadable content gives access to:

Upgrade of +100% of PE skills in survival;

Career: Medals tab;

Classified mode;

Creation of customized lots;

Mimetic captain’s hat;

Mimetic captain mask;

Mimetic captain gloves;

1,300 G-Coin Bonus.

The speech changes for historical users. PC, Xbox and Stadia players who bought PUBG Battlegrounds before the transition to free-to-play and PlayStation users who redeemed the Special Package of Free To Play Transition before the 10th

Predictably, the free-to-play transition immediately increased the user base of PUBG Battlegrounds on Steam.

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