Ps5 With 16-Core Cpu? The Forbidden Dream Of Sony Developers

WIRED’s editorial staff recently told the genesis of PlayStation 5 through a rich interview with Mark Cerny, the mind that shaped Sony’s new gaming hardware.

Among the backgrounds revealed by the professional, we find confirmation of the approach focused on the development teams adopted by Sony to shape PlayStation 5. In the first stages of console design, Mark Cerny had the opportunity to talk with the software house part of the PlayStation Studios, to ask the teams directly what their needs were in view of next gen.

Well, among the most frequently asked, says Cerny, he had also made his appearance an impressive 16-core CPU. A component that would offer the future PlayStation 5 a very high computational power, which would have a negative impact on the overall performance of the console. The engineer explains that a 16-core CPU would have involved a significant reduction in resources allocated to the PS5 GPU: a choice that in a context that attaches great importance to the graphics sector would have been rather difficult to make. In view of this explanation, concludes Cerny, the totality of Sony developers rejected the idea, which therefore did not find any concrete.

In a further interview, Mark Cerny discussed the importance of Ray Tracing, defining it as a turning point for the video game universe.

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