Ps5 Unfindable: They Sleep Outside Gamestop At Black Friday To Find One

PS5 is literally nowhere to be found everywhere: these are things that happen when you record the biggest launch in PlayStation history in the middle of a global pandemic that has significantly slowed production. However, there are players who do not want to give up and are willing to do anything to bring one home.

A few weeks ago, even before the launch, GameStop USA promised that it would do everything to deliver at least two PlayStation 5 on Black Friday to every store in the United States. Some of the boys in Norfolk, Virginia, just had to talk them out of Thanksgiving lunch to camp out at the front of their trusted store until the next day, Black Friday. As you can see in the attached shots at the bottom, to survive the wait – they seem to have camped at 7 am on Thursday 26 November – they brought their own beds from home, as well as drinks and various dishes!

All is well what ends well, luckily: their wait for over 24 hours has been well paid, because Norfolk’s daring have managed to buy new, flashy PlayStation 5 standard edition. The opinions of the network users are mixed: on the one hand there are those who admire them for their dedication and courage, on the other there are those who are outraged who consider this a great waste of time. What do you think? Would you camp if you were certain you could get your hands on a PS5 when the store reopened?

We take advantage of this to report new PS5 will be distributed in Italy by the end of 2020, Sony confirmed it! Meanwhile, we recommend you avoid unofficial marketplaces where PS5 has been put on sale at increased prices.

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