Ps5, Strange Marketing In China: Mario And Bowser Promote Sony Console!

While it is true that in the distant past the SNES PlayStation had almost become a reality, the gaming market has never seen a production alliance between Sony and Nintendo formalize.

However, in a store in the People’s Republic of China history seems to have gone differently! In this small alternate timeline, Mario and Bowser are happy to be able to promote PlayStation 5. In a rigorous ceremony dress, – previously worn only in the extraordinary Super Mario Odyssey – the duo Nintendo stands in front of a PlayStation store, inviting the audience to place a PlayStation 5 in the

A definitely bizarre sighting, reported by the well-known analyst Daniel Ahmad, great expert in the Asian video gaming market, and Chinese in particular. Directly at the bottom of this news, you can see a shot of the promotional campaign made by the PlayStation Store in question, located in the Chinese city of Guangzhou.

Whatever the inscrutable reason that led Mario and Bowser to station in front of a PlayStation Store, remember that at least the Nintendo duo can celebrate the upcoming launch of Nintendo S The console will soon reach the Asian giant market, while still no news on this front is available for the Nintendo Switch Lite model.

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