Ps5, Sony Continues To Work On Retrocompatibility: New Cerny Patent

Among unusual 3D scanners designed by Sony and further sightings, the new patents registered by the Japanese gaming giant continue to attract the attention of the public.

Recently, in particular, the community has spotted a new document filed by Mark Cerny. The latter shows that the engineer, who has created the hardware of PS5 and the PlayStation consoles that preceded it, has not yet ceased to devote his time to the question of retrocompatibility. The patent in question is a new technical solution to ensure access to video games of the past, including on the latest hardware.

Recorded on 6 January 2022, Mark Cerny’s paper raised the curiosity of many observers, who speculated Sony’s research to expand support for PlayStation 5 back compatibility features. At the moment, as we know, the new generation hardware only allows the use of games of the PS4 era, although fans have repeatedly asked for an extension of functionality that could also involve previous works for PS3, PS2 and the first PlayStation.

However, the sighting at the moment is not enough evidence to elaborate assumptions in this regard, although some rumors about an extension of the PS5 retrocompatibility have been circulating for some time now.

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