Ps5: Smash Bros’ Daddy Illustrates The Merits And Defects Of Nextgen Console

In a long interview with Famitsu, the creator of the iconic Nintendian series of Smash Bros, Masahiro Sakurai, confirmed that he bought a PlayStation 5 and shared his experience with the new console

On the microphones of the famous Japanese video game headboard, Smash Bros.’s dad started his speech by remembering how “I don’t know how but I managed to get a PS5 at the launch! First of all, it is a great consul in every sense! I could put it in the shelf under the TV but thinking about the heat it emits, I preferred to place it behind the television to ensure a more ventilated space.”

Sakurai also discusses the user experience and its “first contact” with the PS5 interface: “Using it I immediately thought about how agile and quick it was. Even in the loadings, depending on the situation, it is surprisingly fast and it is this feeling of rhythm that never stops to be really wonderful. Of course, at the launch there aren’t many nextgen games, but I can always have fun with PS4 titles, so much so that the first game I kept at the baptism PS5 was The Ninja Warriors. Too bad only for app folders that are separated.”

With the frankness that distinguishes him, Sakurai then discussed what, in his opinion, is the main defect of the nextgen Sony console, that is, the storage space available on PS5: “The internal SSD, to want to be Mine’s already full. Without the space occupied by the operating system, how much memory remains, 600 GB? I have a PS4 PRO with a 2TB hard drive and already with that I often find myself deleting data to make room for games.”

Ultimately, the boss of the latest Super Smash Bros Ultimate says that “I’m very satisfied with PS5! I think this is just the beginning of a long relationship. I really want to have fun. Once this shortage of stocks has been over, I think that many will appreciate it and that all this will last in time.”

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