Ps5: Scuf Launches New Slr Controllers, The First High-End Alternative To Dualsense

Scuf is finally ready to launch the new SLR controllers, designed specifically for PlayStation 5 and to represent the first high-level alternative to DualSense, several months after the announcement.

The launch is scheduled for today at this address, but when we write to you we cannot access the page. The Scum Reflex controller line includes three different models, called Reflex, Reflex Pro and Reflex FPS.

Basically, all three offer a series of features specifically designed for shooter and customization lovers. Each controller, starting from the basic model Reflex, has four removable rear palettes (which can be remapped at the fly and configured in three different profiles), removable and analog masks replaceable with different types of models (long, short Just like DualSense, they have USB-C rechargeable internal batteries.

The basic Scuff Reflex costs $200 and also mounts the Adaptive Crickets. He will be the first to be sold, in black color only. The models are also available in blue, red, orange, red, grey and white. The Reflex Pro model costs $230 and adds high performance grip on the handles. The FPS SLR is the most expensive ($260) and also offers the possibility of locking bumpers and triggers to increase the speed of shooting in FPS. The Instant Triggers of the FPS SLR replace the Adaptive Crickets, which are present in the SLR and the SLR Pro.

Scuf, remember, also has the Instinct Pro line, premium controllers for Xbox Series X Plus.

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