Ps5 Returns From Euronics But Is Immediately Sold-Out, New Stock From Gamestop On January 19

This week in mid-January opened with a PlayStation 5 repack: the console came back for sale from Euronics in a bundle with the Media Remote remote, but the package remained on sale just minutes before the sold-out

The moment we write the PS5 + Remote Media Remote bundle page was removed from the Euronics site, however don’t despair because this week there is a new PlayStation 5 repack from GameStop.

GameStop will sell the PS5 on January 19th, the company invites to follow the new GameStopTV episode on Twitch at 4:00 pm to find out all the details about the new drop, at the moment there are no details of any kind

The hope is to see more frequent restoricks during 2022 and the same obviously we hope also regarding Xbox Series X, another next-gen platform rather difficult to find, with new stocks made available with dropper. Of course we will update you promptly in case of further drop by Italian retailers.

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