Ps5: New Licensed Controllers Are A Fightpad And An Arcade Stick By Hori

During the evening, Hori announced two peripherals designed exclusively for the players of the batball and arcade games on PlayStation 5, namely Fighting Stick α and Fighting Commander OCTA.

The first is a fightpad, a device with a very similar shape to that of traditional controllers, but it has only one analog stick (the left) and a different predisposition of the front buttons. In the case of the Fighting Commander OCTA, Hori promises high key quality and good precision in the execution of moves thanks to the octagonal shape of the analog stick edges, as well as a customization of the device through an application. The Fighting Stick α is a traditional arcade stick with a good degree of customization, an extra storage compartment and a 3.5mm audio jack output.

Both devices will be compatible with PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 and, at the moment, you don’t know their release date. In any case, Hori’s official website has updated with their cards, which include details about the price: the Fighting Commander OCTA will be sold at $59.99 and Fighting Stick α at $199.99.

Before leaving you to the trailer of the two controllers, we remind you that on January 19 new PS5 stocks will come from GameStop.

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