Ps5: Is There A Large Exclusive Third Party Not Yet Announced On Release In 2022?

On the last episode of the Sacred Symbols podcast, the PlayStation 2022 was mentioned, the authors of the show tell us how Sony has allocated a substantial marketing budget this year, to promote properly releases as Horizon For

It seems that one of the main reasons for the increase in advertising budget would be to find “a large exclusive third party not yet announced” words that obviously triggered the community. Sources say they “talk to someone in Sony” but have no idea what it is.

Among the first hypotheses, a collaboration with FromSoftware and BioShock 4 exclusive PlayStation 5, although in reality we are talking about a game not yet announced and this tends to exclude also the already known Final Fantasy XVI. The Japanese publisher, however, seems to be the main suspect for this exclusive mysterious, just recently a rumor revealed that Square Enix postponed the presentation of a new exclusive PlayStation that will be revealed only after the presentation of Final Fantasy 16 in

Everything is silent for the moment and we reiterate that what is reported is only the result of speculation and rumor not confirmed.

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