Ps5 Is The Most Sold Console In Italy In 2021: Head To Head With Switch In Europe

With 2021 approaching its conclusion, it is time to make the money in commercial terms. And for PlayStation 5, the vintage was very important: despite the well-known shortage of stocks due to the global semiconductor crisis, the next-gen console Sony has proved to be a great success in Europe.

According to data from Christopher Dring, analyst at the head of the GamesIndustry portal, PS5 was the most sold console in Italy in 2021, doing even better than Nintendo Switch. Similar situation also in the UK, where the last PlayStation leads the ranking of the most sold platforms apparently with a good margin of detachment from the competition. Nevertheless, in the UK, Nintendo’s hybrid console continued to achieve great results: Switch numbers are in fact higher than they were registered in 2019, making the last year the best for the system just after 2020. Dring himself had already announced in the previous days that Nintendo Switch dominated Black Friday in the UK, thus marking his best week ever since the launch of 2017.

Overall, in Europe, there was a real head-to-head between PS5 and Switch, with the latter being the most successful platform in France, Spain and the Netherlands (and so on the other side of the world, Australia). It should be noted that the sales data for December 2021 are still missing, so it is not to be excluded that PS5 may overtake these territories. All this, however, bearing in mind that PS5 stocks are also limited on PlayStation Direct, making it difficult to buy one through Sony’s own service.

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