Ps5 Is One Year Old: Phil Spencer Congratulates Hermen Hulst And Playstation Studios

After the post shared by Jim Ryan for the first PS5 birthday, Hermen Hulst also tweeted thanks for all fans. Among the many who responded to the message of the PlayStation Studios manager are Phil Spencer, the famous boss of Microsoft’s Xbox division.

In his social post, Hulst addressed the PlayStation community to say “thanks to all our fans for making the first year of PS5 so special. Your support and passion for PlayStation games mean everything to us. We really look forward to showing you what our fantastic PlayStation Studios teams are developing all over the world!”

Hermen Hulst’s message was a surprise (or perhaps not) to Phil Spencer’s answer. The top manager of the Xbox team publicly congratulated Sony’s colleague, pointing out that “your teams have done a great job under difficult circumstances. Congratulations on a great first year.”

In recent months, the two directors of Sony and Microsoft have repeatedly confirmed to appreciate the work done by the mutual videogaming divisions, just mention the compliments of Hulst to Xbox for E3 2021 and the congratulations of Xbox for the launch

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