Ps5 Is Not Found, Does Ps4 Production Increase? Sony Responds To Bloomberg Report

Bloomberg published a report related to the possible increase in PS4 production to cope with the lack of PlayStation 5 stocks, a Sony spokesperson partly replied that there are no plans to stop the production of the old console.

Initially, there was talk of a stop at the production of PlayStation 4 between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, this reported reports and insiders in the middle of last year, but apparently things have changed and commenting on the article by Bloomberg It is one of the most sold consuls of all time and there is always a coexistence between generations.”

The Takashi Mochizuki report talks about about a million PS4 consoles to be added to the assembly line for 2022, but Sony has not confirmed these data only to underline that the production of the old-generation console will not be interrupted this year.

According to the report’s author, Sony would like to bet on PS4 as an economic console in the absence of PS5 in stores, a way to keep the PlayStation brand and avoid losing market share to the advantage of competition. We remember that the production of PS4 PRO has already been discontinued for some time and therefore the company will continue to produce only the Slim model.

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