Ps5 Games And Playstation Now, Wedding In Sight? Patents Are On The Way

While Sony refuses to comment on the Spartacus rumors, the chatty project that should bring PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now together under one subscription service, appears an interesting sighting.

In fact, a patent filed by Sony has recently become accessible, which seems to be about the future of the Japanese company’s streaming gaming service. The document – registered in the WIPO database (World Intellectual Property Organization) – suggests a future port of play PlayStation 5 within the PlayStation Now catalog. A turning point that would certainly be appreciated by the users of the service, but on which Sony has not offered official communications for now.

The protagonist of the patent is a technology to compensate for the gap between two different gaming data management systems: cloud server HDDs on the one hand, and SSDs used by the new PlayStation 5 on the other. In this context, Sony technicians propose a solution based on the use of NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) technologies, which could facilitate the storage of a large volume of data at very high speeds. Is this a first step to include next-gen games in the PlayStation Now catalog?

Waiting to find out, we remember that there is a great excitement in the PlayStation community at the moment, following the spread of strange PS3 games sightings on PS Store on PS5.

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