Ps5 From Euromediashop: Apulian Issuer Is Interested In The Case, Here’s What He Found

New developments emerge on the Euromediashop affair, a retailer who claimed to have 500 PlayStation 5 consoles ready to ship. A new piece of the story is coming now thanks to the contribution of the Apulian channel 85, which dedicated a service to the Euromediashop case.

The editorial staff of the Channel 85 news was contacted by the owner of the fund indicated as a warehouse of Euromediashop, at the address reported on the site there is however a closed shed without signs of any kind. The owner said he knew nothing about the company that was the object of the service but clarified that the structure has been empty for some years and has been looking for a new tenant for a long time. The man preferred to remain anonymous but the editorial staff at Channel 85 verified his identity.

It seems strange that the Euromediashop warehouse can be located elsewhere since the address on the site is also well-marked in the TV service, located in the outskirts of Brindisi. The eCommerce contact person had invited DDay’s colleagues to visit the warehouse full of PS5 consoles but the header said that they had never made an appointment to enter the facility. When we write the site is still active but we invite you not to make purchases, place orders or send payments to Euromediashop given the complexity of the situation and the lack of clarity behind this story.

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