Ps5 For Sale Now From Gamestop, Hurry Before The Sold-Out!

Right now the GameStop site is selling a new stock of PlayStation 5, when we write on the eCommerce site there is a virtual queue for the purchase of the new Sony console, available in limited quantities and until exhaustion

Go to the GameStop Italia website and wait patiently for your turn, the chain recalls that “The purchase is reserved exclusively for GS+ owners and limited to a customer console, multiple purchases will not be escaped and will be cancelled.”

This is probably the last chance to buy PlayStation 5 before Christmas, delivery by the holiday day is not guaranteed and at the moment seems unlikely, however if you have a successful outcome in the purchase phase you will be sure that you have managed to purchase the PS5.

GameStop reiterates that it has limited stocks and very few pieces available on the site ready for purchase, multiple orders will be deleted automatically from the system, remember that to proceed with the purchase you will have to have an active and working GS+ account, the purchase of

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