Ps5 Exclusive Person 6, Person 4 Golden On Playstation And Switch: New Rumor

In addition to the Metroid Prime Remaster and a new Fire Emblem coming in 2022 on Nintendo Switch, the unleashed Nate the Nate shares possible anticipations also on the appreciated JRPG series of Person.

In his latest YouTube video, the insider said that Persona 6, not yet officially revealed by Atlus, will be announced as exclusive PlayStation 5. If the rumors provided by Nate the Nate were to prove correct, we would be talking about a new chapter totally next-gen of the franchise. The expected revel could come on the occasion of the celebrations of the Persona Anniversay, the event scheduled on March 17 of this year.

Atlus has already anticipated that in 2022 he will publish a very important game for the Japanese company, with the main suspects who respond to the names of Project Re Fantasy and the same Person 6. To find out what this is going to be about, we just have to wait for the next announcements of the study.

In addition to this, Nate the Nate suggests the arrival of Person 4 Golden on PS5, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The enhanced version of JRPG originally came on PlayStation Vita in 2012 and on Windows PC in 2020. As always we invite you to take care of the above with due care, waiting for Atlus to reveal the future of the Personal series.

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