Ps5 Cover: How To Disassemble The Body To Change The Top And Bottom Panels

With the arrival of the new colorful covers for PS5 it is certainly useful to have at hand the exact procedure to follow to disassemble the panels and reassemble the body of the console. Here is our guide to removing the PS5 cover, the process is simple and fast and does not require tools such as screwdrivers or other tools.

The first thing to do is obviously to turn off the PS5 and disconnect the console from the power supply and HDMI cable, wait for the console to cool down and place it on a work table with a flat surface.

How to change the top cover PS5

Make sure the console is placed horizontally with the PlayStation logo pointing upwards and the ignition button in the opposite direction. At this point grab the bottom left corner of the cover and pull up the right hand side by applying a slight pressure. At this point you can lift the cover and fix the new one by sliding it from right to left until you hear a click.

PS5 how to change the lower cover

As above, disconnect the console and place it on a stable horizontal plane, ensuring that the logo is facing down and the ignition button is facing in your direction. Grab the cover from the bottom left corner and pull slightly up right to lift and remove it. At this point you can replace the cover by sliding it from right to left until you hear a click confirming the docking of the panel.

Only at this point you can connect the PS5 to the power supply and HDMI cable. When unlocking, make sure you don’t use too much force while when you hang up the panel, make sure you feel the “click” so that it is properly fixed and doesn’t unplug.

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