Ps5 Beats Xbox Series X With A Ratio Of 10:1 In India; Spider-Man The Best-Selling Game

After the record debut of Xbox Series X Plus, it seems that PlayStation 5 is the most popular console of Indian players. According to the latest results, the Sony console beats Microsoft’s flagship with an impressive 10:1 ratio.

According to this report, Xbox Series X Plus sold around 6,000 units in India since its launch, a quite low number but which however represented a surge in the popularity of the Microsoft brand. We also learn that 90% of the PlayStation 5 sold correspond to the Standard model, with few buyers who have decided to opt for the Digital Edition.

Sony brand seems to be so strong in India that Deathloop, a title developed by Bethesda but which is currently an exclusive PlayStation, has recorded the best launch on the software side, surpassing even Skyrim numbers, Do As for overall sales, however, Marvel’s Spider-Man is the one who is at the top of the ranking, followed by Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Another title that continues to be particularly appreciated in Indian territory is – net of heavy criticism rained due to the lack of technical sector – WWE 2K20.

According to an indiscretion, PlayStation 5 could soon receive support for VRR, a feature already present on Xbox Series X Plus.

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