Ps5 Available From Mediaworld And Gamestop On December 15 But It’s All Sold-Out

On December 15, PlayStation 5 came back for sale from MediaWorld and GameStop, limited availability and immediate sold-out in a handful of minutes on both stores, as happened several times over the last few months.

Mediaworld announced that it had about 1,100 pieces available, however over 20,000 users have flocked to the site to create an immense queue with waits of over thirty minutes and a sold-out virtually immediate. From GameStop instead new stock for the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition in bundle, but also in this case the sold-out was recorded after a few minutes, as usual.

PS5 was therefore put on sale on two important Italian stores, from Mediaworld the consoles available were not few but the sold-out was however quickly recorded sign of a remarkable interest in our country for the console Sony, especially in view of the holidays

We do not know when new stocks of PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital will be back on sale in Italy, it is likely that during Christmas week new stocks can make their debut at some retailers but there are no certainties

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