Ps5 And Xsx: Scalpers Are Young Entrepreneurs, According To Aftermarket Arbitrage

The recent statements by the boss of Aftermarket Arbitrage, the portal that, with monthly subscription, informs users of the restock of numerous products, includes the much sought after consoles of the latest generation PlayStation 5 and X

Jack Bayliss, this is the name of the site owner, boasts about 1,500 service subscribers with monthly revenues over $60,000. In a recent interview with Sky News microphones, Bayliss said that he was perfectly aware of what the consequences of his actions were, specifying that he knew very well that there are many video players who still find it hard to find a console in the shops for According to the owner of Aftermarket Arbitrage, who asks his subscribers for $30 a month, the latest-generation consoles are a luxury commodity and those who can afford their purchase should not have too much trouble paying out $100 extra.

According to Bayliss, this business is creating many young entrepreneurs who with a few dozen consoles purchased can lucrate on it and earn more in a couple of days than they would earn in a month of work. This would also allow them to have more free time to spend with family and friends. The man also stated that almost all the scalps that exploit his service to accumulate consoles do not use bots and that, consequently, buys products in a legal way without fearing the laws that could be approved in some countries in the future to limit their use.

In short, Bayliss tried to water his mill, but unleashing the ire of the many players for whom the purchase of a next-gen console is a very complicated task because of their lack of availability.

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