Ps5 And Xbox Series X Untraceable: Chip Crisis Will Continue In 2022 For Samsung

The semiconductor crisis that is forcing many companies to review their production plans could continue for a long time, at least this is the idea of the President of Samsung Mobile, who in a meeting with shareholders preferred to be clear about it.

According to Samsung Mobile’s CEO, production problems related to chip and semiconductor deficiency will continue at least until mid- 2022, this is the idea of the company after discussing with dozens of business partners in November. Samsung has taken steps to try to minimize inconveniences while it is clearly not possible to rule on consoles, since the Korean company is not directly linked to Microsoft and Sony’s business.

Sony announced delays in the delivery of new cameras, some models will be out late on the road map precisely because of the production difficulties now well known. According to Qualcomm, the semiconductor crisis will improve in 2022, while for Foxconn’s CEO the situation will be resolved in 2023, even for large market players it is difficult to determine exactly when we can leave the crisis behind, according to analysts in the second

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