Ps5 And Xbox Series X/S: How Was The First Year Of Nextgen Consoles? Df Analysis

It’s just over a year since the commercialization of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, and so the Digital Foundry editorial team decided to open 2022 with an interesting retrospective on the highlights that characterized the launch phase

The collective of “technologic analysts” obviously started from the announcement of the two families of home platforms and then deal with the issue of the great graphic potential of PS5 and Xbox Series X, as full support to Ray Tracing and up technologies

The DF special then embraces the most straightforward aspects and, if we want, of greater interest to video game enthusiasts, i.e. the timing of the launch of the games completely nextgen and the adoption of features not available in the past generation of consoles. If in the first case the boys of Digital Foundry prefer to postpone any judgment on the actual graphic skills of PS5 and Xbox Series X/S to the end of the current phase of crossgen development, in the second case the journalists tied to emphasize

As for the future, the DF team expects that from here on the developers first party and multiplatform will be able to draw more and more on the computational power of the new consoles to make progress even sensitive in the realization of virtual worlds still

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