Ps5 And Xbox Series X, More Stocks Coming In 2022? Amd Increases Production

With the latest PS5 and Xbox Series X repacks that lasted more than usual in the UK, it seems that the availability of new generation consoles is gradually improving, even if the problems remain many.

The semiconductor crisis, in fact, has not yet relaxed its grip on the global market, while the sudden new wave of contamination from Covid-19 again puts at risk the continuity of the production chain. A complex situation, to which the major players in the high-tech sector are looking for a solution by now more than a year. Among these, AMD, whose CEO, Lisa Su, recently spent some words on the future availability of PS5 and Xbox Series X.

“We are continuing to increase production. – the manager has guaranteed – We believe that 2022 will be another year of great growth for the consoles.” According to Lisa Su, however, the real peak in demand for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X Plus will only be reached with the following year, during 2023. Meanwhile, however, demand for the two hardware is very high, with new PS5 stocks rapidly running out of stock worldwide, as well as for Xbox Series X.

In view of the increase in AMD’s production effort for 2022, will it be easier for consumers to find consoles? Unfortunately, it is difficult to say at the moment: much will depend on the evolution of the global health crisis. The traditional “season trend” of supply and demand, recognizes the CEO of AMD, has in fact completely changed due to the emergency Covid-19.

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