Ps5 And Xbox Series X, Advertising Expenses: Sony Has Invested Three Times As Much As Microsoft

The launch of the new generation of consoles has been – and continues to be – the protagonist of a great success, with PlayStation 5 and Xbxox Series X seeing every restorick run out in record time.

At the moment, there is no definitive and official information available on the total sales of hardware, but in the meantime there are some interesting estimates of the investments made by Sony and Microsoft in advertising. According to MediaRadar, in particular, the period between 19 October and 15 November 2020 would have seen the Japanese giant clearly exceed Redmond, with even triple spending.

By jointly analysing the press, TV and digital, the report quantified in about $5 million the resources put in place by Microsoft to promote Xbox Series X and in about $15 million the amount of investment dedicated by Sony to the launch of PlayStation 5. Both would distribute the expenditure relatively fairly between the pre-Day One period and the contextual one. Of the Japanese budget, about $7.3 million would be spent before November 12, while of Remond’s $3 million would be spent before November 10. Significant figures, but they certainly see Sony in the foreground regarding advertising exposure.

While waiting for official numbers related to next-gen, the videogaming community is preparing for The Game Awards 2020, during which a new Microsoft ad could be released.

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