Ps5 And Ssd M.2: The New Elecgear Heat Sink ‘Hugs’ The Fan

The PS5 Major Update launched in April provided access to an additional installation space for nextgen video games via the dedicated M2 SSD hard drive slot. The latest product launched by ElecGear, the EL-P5C, is aimed at users who want to expand their PS5 memory.

Behind the cryptic EL-P5C is the engineering effort carried out by ElecGear to optimize the PlayStation 5 dissipation system after installing an M.2 SSD memory in the slot accessible from the side compartment

The last product of ElecGear takes the form of a heat sink that replaces the door of the compartment for the installation of SSDs: once inserted in the housing and secured to the console through the supplied screw, the heatsink “abb Despite its generous dimensions, the heatsink fits perfectly with the design of the inner body and the console cover.

Waiting to receive more details about the European marketing of this interesting heat sink, we refer you to our guide to expand PS5 memory with SSD M.2.

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