Ps5 And Ps4, The Partner In Play Challenge: The Sony Challenge Dedicated To Multiplayer

Alongside the “spectacular” discounts on PlayStation Store, Sony aims to cheer up the Christmas season with a new initiative, named Partner in Play Challenge.

In essence, we are talking about an alternative mode of multiplayer use, which merges video game and board game. By dedicating themselves to the multiplayer on a number of selected games, PS4 and PS5 users can challenge each other online and locally, with the aim of first achieving a given score. To gain points, challengers will have to overcome some rather particular challenges, proposed through a set of virtual cards, available on the initiative portal.

The nature of the clashes changes considerably depending on whether you are devoting yourself to the multiplayer in local or online, between game sessions to be faced blindfolded and minimum scores to be reached in-game. Below are the links related to the two ways of using the initiative:

The experience was designed to be used on a specific selection of, among which we find Call of Duty: Vanguard, Crash Team Racing, Destiny 2, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, FIFA 22, Fortnite,

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