Ps5 Advertised In China, But It’s Not A Good Time, Many Chinese Studies Could Close

Daniel Ahmad, analyst at NiKo Partners, has always been a privileged source to discover the new features of the video game industry from Asia and China, where new PS5 advertisements have appeared these days.

The main metro stations in the big Chinese cities were invaded by PlayStation 5 advertising posters, DualSense and games, including F.I.S.T. Forged in Shadow Torch, a game developed by one of the most important players

Ahmad himself also has a problem related to the Chinese market, it seems that the local institutions have not been approving new games since last July, which could potentially lead to the closure of 14,000 video game companies, unable to launch new products on the market

In 2021 alone 850 studies were closed, which were waiting for the approval of their own video game, Ahmad stresses that if local authorities do not start approving video games again, medium and small companies could risk closing the game permanently.

This does not mean that no new video games will be released in China, certainly there are titles approved before July that still have to be launched on the market but for over six months there is no room for new approvals, a problem not a little for Chinese developers and publishers.

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