Ps4: Sony Reiterates, There Are No Plans To Stop Production In 2022

Sony Japan officially denied the Bloomberg report that reported an increase in PS4 production to address PS5 deficiencies. The next-gen console continues to be difficult to find, but the Japanese giant does not intend to be more strongly focused on the old platform to compensate for the situation.

Sony confirmed his strategies by talking to the microphones of the Japanese portal Gigazine, adding that he had never planned a stop to the production of PS4 and a confirmation in this sense had already given it a spokesman of the Japanese company, which had stated that the In any case, the only model still to be produced in Japan is the standard 500GB model. For all the others, including PS4 Pro, the stop came in September 2020.

In his report, Bloomberg had talked about how Sony intended to increase the production of the old-gen console by at least one million more units to compensate for the poor availability of PlayStation 5 due to the semiconductor crisis, so as to ensure a PS4 will continue to be produced and marketed again this year regardless of whether or not the current generation console is produced.

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