Ps4, Ps5 And Remote Play: Extended Support For Dualsense And Dualshock 4 On Android 12

Through the official social profiles of the PlayStation team, Sony’s videogaming division announces the publication of a new update for the Remote Play mobile app on Android 12 that introduces support to PS5’s DualSense and

Once you upgrade your PS Remote Play application, all PlayStation 5 owners can associate a DualSense wireless controller with their Android 12 smartphone. Similarly, those with a DualShock 4 can use it to remotely play PlayStation 4 using all the controller features, such as touchpad, motion sensors, vibration and battery indicator.

Sony also remembers that to enjoy the best experience offered by PS Remote Play is preferable to access the function through a connection of at least 15 Mbps. And this, taking into account of course the fact that the use of a mobile data connection will go up the GB of the data volume provided by the contract signed with its telephone operator. For the occasion, we leave you to our guide on how to play the Play on iPhone and Android phones.

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