Project Re Fantasy, Climax For The Development Of Jrpg: This Is The Personal Director 5

Since the first announcement of Project RE Fantasy many years have passed, during which the success of Person 5 continued to grow unstoppable.

And Katsura Hashino, Game Director of the adventure of the Heart Thieves, is at the head of the new JRPG signed Atlus, of which, until now, we have been able to see only a few artworks and video teas With Project RE Fantasy’s reveal even dating back to 2016, it seems that soon we will be able to finally observe the title in action in a real gameplay.

To suggest it, it is Hashino himself, during a recent interview given to the 4Gamer editorial staff. From the pages of the Japanese portal, the author said that “the development of the game has reached its climax,” adding that it is looking forward to being able to show new details to the public. The author of Persona 5, in particular, is anxious to present the first gameplay of JRPG, which, we remember, will be deeply separated from the epic dedicated to Phantom Thieves.

As Hashino has already stated, the nature of Project RE Fantasy will be very different from that of the Person series. To learn more, there is nothing left to do but wait, while Atlus continues with the development of his new JRPG.

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