Problems For It Takes Two: Gta’s Publisher Sues Josef Fares

The details of the legal dispute between Hazelight Studio and Take Two Interactive are emerging over the last few hours. It would seem that the company linked to Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto’s development studio, has sued the creators of It Takes Two precisely because of the title of the cooperative game.

Those who followed all the events related to Josef Fares’ last effort will remember that the cause between the two sides is not new, although after the arrival of the game on the shelves there were no consequences and everything ended in the forgetfulness. It would seem, however, that Take Two Interactive recently returned its will to reopen the issue and accuse Electronic Arts’ software house of copyright infringement. A few days ago, developers said they had the situation under control and were confident about a quick solution to the problem, although we cannot predict how the situation will evolve. Although these are unlikely assumptions, we may even witness a change of name in the game to avoid legal problems on Hazelight’s part.

In any case, it seems that this is a strategy often used by Take-Two, a company that sues all those who use names even vaguely similar to the title of the publisher or brands to which it is linked, such as Rockstar Games.

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