Prey 2 Exists And Will Be Announced At Tga 2021? The Rumor Doubt Arises On Arkane

After launching Deathloop and enjoying the critical and public appreciation for the quality level of its new immersive sim, Arkane Studios is currently engaged in the development of Redfall, a cooperative title with a vampire theme coming exclusively

According to a new rumor on 4chan, Arkane Austin would be working in parallel on a second project, identified in Prey’s sequel. A team smaller than Redfall would start to deal with the follow-up in 2019, and the acquisition of Microsoft would allow to give an important boost to development, initially born as a sort of internal experiment. According to the source, Redmond’s home is very interested in the idea of a Prey 2, since it would add further value to its already appreciated Xbox Game Pass.

Prey 2: Neuroshock – continues the rumor – will be a shorter experience, set mainly on Earth after the scene of the first chapter’s tail titles. The title will be structured according to a model similar to Deus Ex, with urban levels open with a series of main and optional missions activable interacting with the few human survivors remaining. There will be a larger group of alien enemies, but also fewer powers to exploit in combat. Those present, however, are described as more “creative and experimental” than the previous ones.

Indiscretion is finally about a reveal scheduled for the 2021 Game Awards, which should take place through a short film in CGI. We know how 4chan has proved more than once fertile ground for unfounded corridor voices, which is why we invite you to take the above with extreme caution.

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