Praey For The Gods: The Game Inspired By Shadow Of The Colossus Is Available As A Surprise

Without any kind of prior notice that anticipated today’s debut, No Matter Studios has published the final edition of Praey for the Gods on PC (via Steam) and PS5, Xbox Series X Plus (co

The surprise debut of Praey for the Gods (whose name was modified by developers under Bethesda’s express request) was accompanied by the launch trailer that we brought back to the top of the news. As you can see from the movie, it’s an ambitious indie game, which draws great inspiration from a sacred monster of gaming like Shadow of the Colossus. The game does not just imitate the work by Fumito Ueda, but tries to liven up the gameplay formula with some survival mechanics and crafting.

“Face huge enemies in this snow-filled open world adventure game where you play a solitary hero sent to the edge of a dying frozen earth to explore and solve the secrets of an endless winter. Grab, plan and grab huge beasts while you fight to survive and bring the world back to the right order.”

Waiting to deepen the final version of the game, we refer you to our Preview of Praey for the Gods.

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