Praey For The Gods: Shadow Of The Colossus-Inspired Game

Just a few days ago it was published as a surprise Praey for the Gods, a game inspired by Shadow of the Colossus whose development lasted years and has gone through difficult times due to legal problems with Bethesda because of the title.

We at Everyeye took the opportunity to get our hands on the debut title of No Matter Studios, but it didn’t convince us completely. As you can also read in the review of Praey for the Gods by Marco Mottura, the adventure inspired by Ueda’s masterpiece presents a series of problems related not only to the technical sector but also to the balance, highlighting how it is a Precisely because of these serious shortcomings, we awarded the game a 5.5, not unlike that of other international newspapers that did not appreciate action adventure.

Before leaving you to our Video Review of the game, just published also on the official YouTube channel of Everyeye, we remind you that the title has been published without notice from a few days and can be purchased at the budget price of 29.99 euros on PC, P

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