Pokimane: The Ban Is Over, Now You Can Come Back Live On Twitch

Just as we anticipated a couple of days ago, the Pokimane Twitch channel ban lasted 48 hours and now the popular streamer and infuener is back to having control of its profile on the platform.

For those who did not follow the story, the known streamer was banned from Amazon’s proprietary portal for copyright infringement. It would seem that, during one of her directs, the young woman began to broadcast an episode of the last season of Avatar: The Last Airbender, famous Nickelodeon series. This forced Twitch to take action, closing for the first time the Pokimane channel, which remained offline for forty-eight long hours. Unless serious acts are taken, in fact, the Twitch channels are not permanently closed, a measure that is usually put in place after about three ‘yellow cards’ that correspond precisely to temporary bans.

It is likely that next time the streamer will opt for a different system to watch content with its followers, since with Amazon Prime you can start one of the so-called watch parties and watch any content on the platform with users, but only those with a

Speaking of ban, did you know that Fébiven, LoL’s streamer, was banned by Twitch for racist insults?

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