PokéMon United, Dragonite Will Be Launched Shortly: Date And Time Of Arrival

As promised, it is now time to welcome Dragonite’s entry into the roster of Pokémon Unite, just in time to continue with the festivities started in-game ahead of Christmas.

As promised by the Tencent Games team, the MoBA dedicated to Pocket Monster is in fact about to welcome the Pokémon type Dragon/Volent Pokémon. Beginning with the First Generation of creatures Game Freak, Dragonite will be available within Pokémon Unite in a short time. The appointment was set by the authors for the dawn of the new week Specifically, Dragonite will enter the title at 1:00 pm of the night between Sunday 19 and Monday 20 December 2021 (Italian time zone).

Dragonite is the final evolution of the small Dragonite, with the intermediate evolution represented by Dragonair. Pokémon is one of the most powerful creatures in the Pokédex interior of the Kanto region and it is no coincidence that it is among the opponents that players face the Pokémon League. Within Pokémon Unite, Dragonite will not hesitate to use its most powerful moves, as you can check from the dedicated trailer available directly at the bottom of this news.

Since its launch, MOBA inspired by creatures Game Freak has gained a growing success, to exceed 50 million downloads for Pokémon Unite, a milestone that was reached at the beginning of December.

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