PokéMon Unite: Moba Will Be Part Of The Championship Of The PokéMon World 2022

Through an open letter, Pokémon UNITE’s producer (we invite you to read the review), Masaaki Hoshino, announces that the game will become part of the 2022 Pokémon World Championships.

Starting this year teams from all over the world will be able to challenge each other in an exciting competitive season, from which will emerge teams that will qualify for the World Championships in August.

In the short letter, published on the official website, in addition to the many novelties that await all players in the coming months, it is also referred to a new competitive mode that “allows participants to fight equal, regardless of the degree of their assignable instruments”.

We are waiting to find out what new things the team has in store for all coaches and, above all, we are really curious to find out which will be the best players in the world of Pokémon Unite.

All Pokémon fans, however, will enjoy a rather rich season in terms of video games and not: Arceus (we talked about in our preview of Pokémon Arceus) and the renovated online TGC.

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