PokéMon Sword And PokéMon Shield On Sale On Amazon At The Best Price Ever

Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield were released on Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2019, set in the Galar region, the games tell the adventures of a new coach of Pokémon who dreams

The games are offered on Amazon at the best price ever, instead of a list price of 59,99 euros can be purchased at 47,48 Euro, once the games are placed in the cart, Amazon will apply an additional discount of 2,50 euros.

Below are the links to the offers:

Two expansion packs were released for the game during 2020, The Lonely Island of Armor and The Snowy Lands of the Crown, which implement new Pokémon species within the Galar region, are introduced new variants

Amazon also has a discounted price of €49.99, the last two titles of the series released on November 19, Pokémon Diamond Lucente and Pokémon Pearl Splendid (the remakes of Pokémon Pearl and Diama A brand new edition of Nintendo Switch Lite, called Dialga and Palkia Edition, was also released, which can be purchased at 208 euros at this link, which was released on November 5th this year.

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