PokéMon Shining Diamond: How To Capture Entei, Raikou And Suicune

Pokémon Diamond Shiny and Splendid Pearl are available exclusively on Nintendo Switch, and bring us back to Sinnoh region. In this version of the fourth generation of Pokémon you can capture numerous legendary monsters, including Entei, Raikou and Suicune, native to Jotho: here’s how to make them own.

First of all it is important to specify that the three unique monsters are only available in Pokémon Shining Diamond. As with all the legendary Pokémon from past generations, to have a chance to capture them you will have to head to the Rugosa Rosa Park, accessible after beating the Pokémon League.

Buy the Discovery Plates (to learn more, here is the guide to Legendary Slabs in Pokémon Diamond Lighting and Splendid Pearl) at the building shop and enter the dungeon to capture Regice, Once you have taken back to the banquet, where this time the Lastra Jotho will be made available: buy it three times and return to the Park; finally reach the Jotho Room and start the fight. Remember to prepare properly before starting the fight, you will find yourself in front of three very fearsome Pokémon.

Speaking of the remakes just out, if you are looking for other suggestions, please come to our guide to the fossils of Pokémon Diamond Shiny and Pearl Shiny.

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